Commercial Cleaning Contractors

Celebrating 37 years of commercial cleaning experience, Enviro-Clean is one of Michigan’s largest and fastest growing family owned commercial cleaning services provider. With headquarters in Grand Rapids, and 3 offices statewide, Enviro-Clean employs over 1,000 people and maintains more than 22 million square feet of commercial, industrial and educational space each day in Michigan.

  • Enviro-Green Green Cleaning Program

    Enviro-Clean provides ECO Friendly cleaning services

    Enviro-Clean is committed to using environmentally friendly products, methods and equipment. Clients can be assured that harmful chemicals will not be introduced into their facility. Vacuums with near HEPA filtration are used exclusively. Procedures are designed to remove all soil and pollutants, not just move them around.

  • Superior Training

    Enviro-Clean maintenance cleaning services image

    Enviro-Clean knows that the best way to provide superior cleaning services is to train and develop a committed cleaning staff. Enviro-Clean is proud to step beyond industry standards to offer many levels of management and general training for all associates.